Making sure all your bases are covered

The start of the year always feels like a struggle to get going. We have a decent summer break through Christmas & New Years and then a sprinkling of public holidays through January and February which keeps us in holiday mode.

Now that we’re all getting our focus back, it’s really a great time to tick off some of the bigger items on your to do list. We often get feedback from clients that they’ve wanted to review their insurances for a few years but just never quite got round to it. That’s usually because it feels like such a big job, your paperwork and documents are all over the place and there are so many different companies and options out there. So where do you start?

Well the good news is that Eightfold can assist with all of those things. Mike Connellan, our insurance specialist, can help provide a clearer picture of what you’re covered for; how your premiums compare with the market and whether the policies you have are still appropriate for your current situation. And the best part is that this service is free to use – the same way as using one of our mortgage advisors for your home loan is.

Many people take out policies like Life Cover, Income Protection and Trauma Cover but never review them when their circumstances change.  Also, people often don’t fully understand what they’re actually covered for. Mike recently assisted a client who had a Trauma policy with one of the banks and he didn’t know that he could claim for the cancer that he’d had 3 years ago. Mike helped him lodge a claim and he subsequently received approximately $70,000.

If you’d like to book in a review with me to go through your existing policies, or even if you don’t actually have any cover in place and want to find out what cover best suits your situation, please give Mike a call on 021 765 223 or drop him a line at

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