Andrew Chambers

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Andrew Chambers



  • Co-Founder of Eightfold Financial Services
  • Worked for ANZ – 19 years – migrant banking/corporate banking/commercial banking
  • Established commercial business for ANZ, American Samoa
  • Established commercial Asian business team within ANZ, New Zealand
  • Developed nationwide food and beverage business strategy for ANZ
  • Foundation team member and Head of Commercial for China Construction Bank – 1 year
  • Post Graduate Banking Certificate – Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Washington
  • Diploma in advertising, Auckland University of Technology
  • Have worked with privately owned businesses through to Government entities

I have extensive experience in both the banking and mortgage industries but in spite of this there’s still nothing like the feeling I get when I use that experience to add value to people’s lives. I particularly love using the strategies I’ve learned around being successful in business to help others solve their own money issues – essentially working on their problems to find the best solutions. I gain a great deal of satisfaction from the process of taking someone from a place of uncertainty to giving them confidence that they can realise their plans and dreams. In essence, I’m a big believer in the benefits of collaboration. Being able to help people – especially where they may feel the sole weight of responsibility for financial matters – is, in my book, a gratifying privilege.


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