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Will the banks use next week’s Official Cash Rate “OCR” review as a chance to prepare for the likelihood of proposed RBNZ’s bank capital changes being implemented?

Top of mind for any bank management team at the moment will be the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s proposal to increase the amount of capital New Zealand banks must hold and the impact this could have on the bank performance and shareholder. The focus on balance sheet management, cost of capital and margin protection is becoming…

bases covered

Making sure all your bases are covered

The start of the year always feels like a struggle to get going. We have a decent summer break through Christmas & New Years and then a sprinkling of public holidays through January and February which keeps us in holiday mode. Now that we’re all getting our focus back, it’s really a great time to…


Changes in the housing market – good for first home buyers

The new Government is in the process of implementing restrictions which may help take some of the heat out of Auckland’s housing market. Policies such as the introduction of restrictions on offshore buying and a reduction in immigration numbers should help reduce some of the rampant demand for houses. But while these policies will help…


Is buying an investment property still a good option?

There is currently a shortage of rentals available in the market, so the demand for rental property is certainly there. However prospective landlords need to be aware of increasing costs of compliance as the new government looks to implement a warrant of fitness programme for rentals. The brightline test to remove property speculators from the…


Death to the mortgage!

Will fortnightly loan payments help pay off my loan faster? This is a question many of Eightfold’s customers have – is it a myth or urban legend; or can this simple change really impact on the cost of your mortgage? The answer quite simply is Yes! But to understand why, you need to understand how…


Interest rates are on the way up – how long should I fix my mortgage for?

People often ask us what is the best term to fix their lending for.  A question even more common with interest rates looking to be on the rise, or at least unlikely to go any lower. The answer is very dependent on your circumstances.  Recent interest rate increases have been driven largely off the banks…


What is causing the slowing housing market?

There has been a lot of publicity lately about the slowing housing market, particularly in Auckland. Commentators generally credit the introduction of the of the Reserve Bank’s investment property LVR rules in October 2016 as the main reason. While there is no doubt that this has had a major impact there has also been a…


New Year Financial Health Check

A new year sets us off with good intentions of doing better this year. We’ll eat less, exercise more, we’ll get on top of our finances. While we’re not much help when it comes to the diet and exercise, we can help you get on top of what is normally your biggest financial commitment –…


Buying your first home

There has been a lot of media attention recently about how difficult it is to buy your first home in Auckland. This is of course absolutely correct. The biggest barrier to a lot of people is the deposit. Banks have restrictions on how many people they can lend to with less than 20% deposit. This…


What’s your greatest asset?

This is a question I ask many of my clients and somewhat unsurprisingly (especially in the Auckland market) the most common response is “my house”. I sometimes hear “my business” from the self-employed and also the occasional boat or car gets thrown into the mix as well. Whilst it’s only human nature to think of…

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