Home Loan Refinancing

Life is all about change and it is likely that yours has changed significantly since you first took out your mortgage.

There are many life events that may prompt you to consider a home loan review including:

  • An increase in your income allowing you to increase your payments
  • A decrease in your income due to starting a family or changing jobs
  • Unexpected expenses that mean you need to consolidate your debt
  • Undertaking a renovation or investment that means you need to release some of the equity in your home
  • Or perhaps you just want to take advantage of the latest fixed or floating rates.

The current home loan market is extremely competitive with banks competing hard to win customers.

Eightfold can talk you through the refinancing process and give you a clear cost versus benefit comparison to decide the right move for you.

Ask us for a free no obligation mortgage comparison and make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

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