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andrew chambers


022 170 9089
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FSP# FSP450106

Andrew Chambers

Commercial Finance Adviser

  • Co-Founder of Eightfold Financial Services
  • Worked for ANZ – 19 years – migrant banking/corporate banking/commercial banking
  • Established commercial business for ANZ, American Samoa
  • Established commercial Asian business team within ANZ, New Zealand
  • Developed nationwide food and beverage business strategy for ANZ
  • Foundation team member and Head of Commercial for China Construction Bank – 1 year
  • Post Graduate Banking Certificate – Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Washington
  • Diploma in advertising, Auckland University of Technology
  • Have worked with privately owned businesses through to Government entities

I have extensive experience in both the banking and mortgage industries but in spite of this there’s still nothing like the feeling I get when I use that experience to add value to people’s lives. I particularly love using the strategies I’ve learned around being successful in business to help others solve their own money issues – essentially working on their problems to find the best solutions. I gain a great deal of satisfaction from the process of taking someone from a place of uncertainty to giving them confidence that they can realise their plans and dreams. In essence, I’m a big believer in the benefits of collaboration. Being able to help people – especially where they may feel the sole weight of responsibility for financial matters – is, in my book, a gratifying privilege.

alistair mclauchlan


To ensure Alistair can continue to provide an excellent standard of service he is currently only undertaking work for existing customers and their referrals.
FSP# FSP406666

Alistair McLauchlan

Mortgage Adviser

  • Co-Founder of Eightfold Financial Services
  • Worked for ASB Corporate – Relationship Executive – 2 years
  • Worked for ANZ Commercial – Relationship Manager – 3 years
  • Worked for Barclays Bank Commercial Division, London, England – 2 years
  • Worked for HSBC Corporate, London, England – 4 years
  • Helped build strategy for corporate and commercial business acquisition at HSBC
  • Worked for Westpac, Wellington – Analyst/Head of Analyst team
  • Bachelor of Business Studies in Finance, Massey University

When I started Mortgage Central – now known as Eightfold Financial Services – it was with the goal of using my years of expertise in the banking industry to solve the problems of clients, a goal that remains paramount to this day. At the heart of all that we do is a genuine desire to build relationships with people, to give them the time and expert advice they need to achieve their financial goals. I gain enormous satisfaction from finding the right solutions for my clients, ones that don’t just solve their immediate transactional concerns but that also help them structure their debt in smart ways and set them up for a better financial future. For business clients, I am able to bring my years of commercial experience to the fore to give quality guidance for their business endeavours. I am enormously proud of how my original business has grown and developed on the strength of referrals from clients who we’ve been able to get to know and continue to assist as their financial needs change.

ben bland


021 453 032
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FSP# FSP473146

Ben Bland

Mortgage Adviser

Ben has over 15 years banking experience having worked for the likes of JP Morgan (UK), The National Bank and ANZ.

This wealth of experience in personal, corporate and commercial banking means he has the knowledge and experience to guide you through financing your home or business with ease.

Whether your looking to finance your first home, buy an investment property or refinance your home or business, Ben has the knowledge to provide you with the expert advice you need.

martin burke


027 522 4524
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FSP# FSP485966

Martin Burke

Mortgage Adviser

Martin has over 25 years’ experience in both banking and finance.

He has worked for the likes of ANZ, Elders Finance and The Rural Bank and now uses his wealth of knowledge and expertise in both personal and commercial banking to help you navigate financing your home or business.

Whether you are looking to finance your first home, buy an investment property, refinance your home or business; Martin can provide you with the expert advice you need.

annette kann


021 485 626
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FSP# FSP86561

Annette Kann

Mortgage Adviser

Annette has worked extensively in the finance industry both in New Zealand and the UK.

Originally from the UK, Annette started her career in New Zealand 20 years ago with the BNZ. She then moved into broking and has now spent 16 years as a mortgage broker.  Initially part of a franchise group, Annette won many awards including franchisee of the year; and is thrilled to now bring her skills and passion to the Eightfold Group.

Annette has a flare for doing the impossible and obtaining loans where other brokers have said it’s simply not possible.  ‘No’ is not an answer Annette likes to accept or give her clients.

Annette is passionate about helping anyone that wants to look at property but especially enjoys guiding first home buyers through the complicated path of finance and working with investors that want to build a portfolio.

Jack Oades


021 113 8799
FSP# FSP774792

Jack Oades

Mortgage Adviser – Bay of Plenty

Jack has over 10 years experience in banking and finance between National Bank and ANZ.

His time has a Senior Business Banking and Mobile Mortgage Manager has given him the knowledge and experience to help a wide range of customers with their financial goals, from residential and commercial mortgages to small business finance.

Whether you are looking to finance your first home, buy an investment property or refinance your home or business, Jack has the knowledge to provide you with the expert advice you need.

Jack Oades


027 448 0671
FSP# FSP774482

Iain Stewart

Mortgage and Business Finance Adviser – Bay of Plenty

  • Worked for ANZ Corporate – Senior Relationship Manager – 10 years
  • Worked for ANZ Commercial – Regional Manager – 3 years
  • Worked for BNZ Commercial – Regional Manager – 3 years
  • Worked for BNZ Commercial – Commercial Manager – 1 year
  • Worked for ANZ Commercial – Credit / Credit Inspection Manager – 5 years
  • Worked for Asian Development Bank – Banking Advisor/Credit Specialist – 2 years
  • Shareholder and Finance Director of a large Franchise Group – 1 year
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Banking and Finance

Iain has a wealth of experience in Commercial and Corporate banking, specialising in structuring financial solutions for clients, cash flow lending, property and development funding. He also specialises in development funding for Retirement Villages and Aged Care facilities having assisted a number of Retirement Village companies with their financing requirements.

Having worked in the Bay of Plenty for over 20 years, Iain has an extensive network of professional contacts that enable him to draw on a diverse wealth of expertise and insights for my clients. Iain has a passion for assisting clients, whether it be a large corporate financing a takeover, an investor purchasing a commercial property, or a home buyer looking to finance their home.



021 08038093
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FSP# FSP773714

Rob Collins

Property Finance Adviser

Rob Collins has over 25 years of experience within the real estate finance sector gained in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. In that time, he has worked for several specialist lenders, but since 2006 has operated as a finance broker and debt advisor focusing on property development and structured finance. His time on the lending side of the market has given him a strong foundation in appraising and structuring proposals to ensure the best outcomes for clients and his broking expertise has given him an understanding of a myriad of lenders from large international banks to private lenders. He was voted Best Commercial Broker in 2017 and 2018 at the annual Specialist Finance Industry Awards.

chris stevens


027 807 8122
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FSP# FSP475206

Chris Stevens

Property Finance Adviser

Chris is our property finance specialist. He has a diverse work background in both banking and corporate finance both in New Zealand and the UK.

With a degree in property valuation and honours in finance, Chris has a clear passion for all things property finance.

If you need property development advice and/or finance, whether it’s small or large, Chris has the skill, knowledge and expertise to assist.

mike connellan


021 765 223
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FSP# FSP397006

Mike Connellan

Insurance Adviser

Mike has been involved in the insurance industry for over 10 years and brings experience both from working inside insurers and as an advisor.

After spending many years working for one of New Zealand’s largest life insurance providors as a training consultant and a Business Development Manager he is now putting his knowledge and skills to use to help you.

Mike can help you with applying for insurance for the first time or auditing yor existing policies to ensure that they are still suitable and affordable for you.


+64 21 027 889999
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Helen Chiang

Director Family Office

Over the last 20 years’ Helen has worked for New Zealand’s leading banks in the area of Private Banking. She has built her reputation looking after the wealth of local, and offshore high net worth individuals and families. Helen takes pride in helping clients mitigate risk, solving problems, sourcing appropriate channels and achieving the right outcomes. She is a true believer that our most lasting and fulfilling achievements are often earned by helping others fulfill theirs.

Helen maintains an active involvement in several community service organisations. Currently, she serves as the Honorary Consultant for Global Federation Chinese Business Women Association New Zealand and The Director of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in the Oceania region.



Leeanne Milne

Operations and Assistant Mortgage Adviser

Leeanne is a founding member of the Eightfold team. She’s passionate about helping clients achieve their goals when it comes to sourcing the finance they need. Supporting the Eightfold advisers, she brings both retail and commercial banking experience from her time working in ANZ and Westpac.

andrea rowlands



Andrea Rowlands

Senior Analyst

Andrea has over 10 years’ experience in the finance industry, having worked in corporate and commercial banking at banks in New Zealand and the UK, as well as business finance with one of the UK’s top peer-to-peer finance platforms.

During this time she has gained diverse experience from working with small-to-medium-sized New Zealand and UK businesses, to multi-national corporates. Her experience means that crunching numbers and thinking outside the box comes as second nature.

vivien chin

Vivien Chin

Operations and Assistant Mortgage Adviser

Vivien has 20+ years of banking experience having worked for Standard Chartered Bank, AGC Finance, ANZ and HSBC. She currently supports the Eightfold advisers providing mortgage and administrative support to the team.



Sandy Bezuidenhout

Sandy Bezuidenhout

Assistant Mortgage Adviser

Sandy has over 12 years’ experience within the Home Loans industry having worked in one of the top 4 banks in South Africa and recently relocating to New Zealand. During her time in the South African banking industry, she gained experience within the credit department, assessing applications, as well as Relationship Executive to Mortgage Brokers, on behalf of the bank. With her experience, she’s able to understand the needs of customers, as well as looking at the bigger picture and ensuring the banking needs are explained to the customer, in the simplest way, as banking lingo can sometimes be daunting.



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